Episode 13: Adding a Physical Product to Your Business w/ Bryce Sizemore from The Teaching Texan

February 15, 20240 min read

“Believe in yourself. Don't play small!” - Bryce Sizemore


I was super excited to sit down with my friend and colleague Bryce Sizemore to discuss how adding a physical product to your business can be a viable additional revenue stream. Bryce shares insights into the process and shares some key advice if you are thinking about embarking on this path.

In This Episode...

  • How a Physical Product Can Change the Game

  • Tips for Adding a Physical Product

  • Mistakes to Avoid

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Farrah Henley

I'm Farrah! A travel obsessed, Diet Coke, veteran teacher of over 25 years, turned 7-Figure teacher business owner and coach from a small town in Texas! My mission? To help you navigate the twists and turns and avoid sudden free falls that send you spiraling into chaos and create the business you desire so you can live the life you deserve.

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Farrah has over 25 years of experience as both an educator and an online business owner. She has been an educator since 1996 and opened her first online business, The Pumpkin Patch (children's clothing and cloth diaper boutique), in the fall 1999 after the birth second child to help supplement her income and allow her to stay home with her children.

After successfully selling her first business, she returned to the classroom and in 2011 the entrepreneur bug caught her again when she opened her shop on Teachers Pay Teachers. That small shop on TPT has grown to now be the parent company, Farrah Henley Education, LLC. Through digital downloads, online courses and workshops, memberships her brands support educators in grades K-5.

With collaborative communities, one-on-one coaching, a high level mastermind, and podcast, she now shares what she has learned over the past 25 years with other teacher business owners who are ready to build, grow, and scale their own online businesses. Her mission is to help teacher business owners build the business they NEED in order to get what they TRULY WANT in life.

Tune in each week to hear Farrah and some of her most trusted mentors and friends as they discuss all aspects of running successful online businesses - from CEO mindset, email marketing, content creation, productivity, and leadership.

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